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Our Story

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Back in 2018, we started our club as a hobby, where we showed our Short Term Rentals guests (from our parent company Trip & homes) our best selection of Mexican tequilas & Mezcal. Eduardo as a previous restaurant owner, already had a big understanding of these beautiful distillates and we used his selection and started this unique and pioneering experience by showing them the culture and production methods used for each one. This soon turned into an extension of our business. We never would have imagined that our brand would grow so much and so fast, and this all thanks to our amazing customers. Recently we also became certified tasters in the six Mexican distillates of origin. We have our main rooftop club in La Paz and recently introduced our new tasting room & club to Cabo San Lucas, where we hope to show our future guests a wonderful experience and more happy times ahead!

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Presenter, Expert taster, Marketing & cofounder.

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Chef, expert taster & cofounder.


Graphic design  & Artist.



Presenter & expert Taster, La Paz & Los Cabos.

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Meet the Team!

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